Established in 2019, Anhui Yunjia New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the Salt Chemical Industry Park of Dingyuan County in Chuzhou City in Anhui Province. We enjoy superior geographical position and convenient traffic since we are close to Hefei city in the south, Huainan city in the west, and Bengbu in the north.

Our company is a comprehensive enterprise integrating product research and development, production and sales. With the latest advanced process design level of similar petrochemical companies in China, we are mainly engaged in the production and sales of environment-friendly high-boiling aromatic hydrocarbon solvents, high-boiling aromatic hydrocarbon plasticizers, durene and other products, which are widely used in environmental protection high-grade paints, coatings, inks, resins, pesticides, hydrogen peroxide, dyes and other industries. At present, Anhui Yunjia New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has a professional staff team whose core positions are all representative and authoritative professional figures in the industry.

Sticking to such concept of "professional focus, quality-oriented, and service-oriented" since establishment, all employees have been working hard to provide customers with high-quality products and technical supports. "Pragmatic, innovative, pioneering and enterprising" is the development path of Yunjia. "User's support" is the foundation of Yunjia's survival. "User's trust" is the goal pursued by Yunjia. "Serving users" is the eternal promise of Yunjia.